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I love books, in general.  And as weird as it may seem, I love dictionaries…

So, if you want to speak English, you can´t live without a good dictionary!  And don´t think you can have only that dictionary from the newspaper (the one you collected 20 stamps and traded for a dictionary, remember?)!  It is very important to have an English-English dictionary, you can´t translate the words using a English-Portuguese dictionary all the time.  Dictionaries are reference books, invest some money and buy one…

My number one dictionary is MacMillan (I´ll post a picture later!).  I also have a Collins, a Longman, an Oxford, but MacMillan is my number one!  You can check our links and see where you can buy it or any other one.

The online version of the dictionary is awesome because you have a huge range of info there, but if you are looking for a good dictionary online, my number one is The Free Dictionary.  You will find not only the meanings of the words there, but also a series of links, games, news, etc.  Check it out and I´m sure you´ll fall in love too!!


Let me introduce myself

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Well, as it is the first post I suppose I have to introduce myself…

My name is Regina Rezende, and I´ve been teaching English for a long time.  In fact, I don´t like to tell you that “long time” means… 23 years!  But you know, time flies!  After working as a teacher, a translator, a bilingual receptionist, always doing something related to English, in 1996 I moved to São Paulo and started working as a secretary.

And then, in 2006, after a lot of research, dreams, meetings, I created the project English for Secretaries.  I couldn´t write anything about this project if I didn´t mention Wall Street Institute Berrini.   Although not all the courses and workshops that I´ve been delivering since then were in partnership with them, Carol Olival was the first person to believe in the project, in my ideas, and I do have to thank her!  And I also have to thank all of you:  secretaries, assistants, office managers, etc. who have participated in any of courses, who have forwarded my emails to your mailing, who have recommended me.  You are more than just “participants”, you are my friends.

I think I will stop, I´m not Sandra Bullock and this is not the Oscar… LOL