Telephone English… in São Paulo!

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Hi, girls!

I´ve been so busy, you have no idea!  That´s why I ‘disappeared’ for some days, but don´t worry: I´m back!

And with great news: Telephone English in São Paulo! I´d really like to meet you at Wall Street Institute Chácara Santo Antônio on July 24th.  See the invitation below and send me an email with any question you might have.  We have a very special price for “early birds”!  Contact us:

And see you soon!!

Telephone English for Secretaries in São Paulo!

2 thoughts on “Telephone English… in São Paulo!

    Flávia Morais said:
    June 22, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    Dear Regina,

    I’ll be waiting a meeting At Brasília!!!! Please!


    Flávia Morais.

    […] Telephone English… in São Paulo! June 2010 1 comment […]

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